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Why should I visit the dentist every six months?

Visiting the dentist is not just about fixing problems. Today’s dentists encourage patients to visit our team before problems start. Preventive dental checkups give us the opportunity to help patients prevent many common oral health concerns like tooth decay and gum disease, diagnose and treat issues in the earliest stages, and screen for insidious oral and overall health problems like TMJ dysfunction, bruxism (teeth grinding and clenching), and oral cancer.

How should I care for my teeth between dental checkups?

Between dental checkups, brushing and flossing are essential. Our team only sees your smile twice a year. The other 363 days are up to you! We recommend brushing teeth at least two times each day for at least two minutes at a time. Additionally, patients should carefully floss teeth at least once a day. If you would like a demonstration of best practices in at-home dental care, ask you hygienist during your next visit. We’d love to help!

What is periodontal disease and how do I get it?

Periodontal (gum) disease occurs when plaque and tartar buildup at the gum line irritates soft tissue leading to sores, broken down connective tissues, and other concerns. This disease typically occurs due to lack of adequate oral hygiene, but some patients are more prone to the disease than others. Additionally, certain life factors increase the risk for gum disease. Women who are pregnant are much more likely to suffer from gum disease as are patients who suffer from diabetes.

Does teeth whitening really work?

While the aisles filled with whitening toothpastes, mouthwashes, strips, and gels make big promises, most patients who’ve tried them know they don’t always deliver on those promises. Professional whitening uses a higher concentration of whitening agent (hydrogen or carbamide peroxide) and more effective application methods that dramatically improve overall effectiveness.

What if I have a dental emergency?

Contact our team right away in case of dental emergencies. The Bedford Cosmetic & Restorative Dentistry team is here to help. We offer same day appointments whenever possible, and are happy to provide first aid tips to care for your smile until you reach our office.

Why do I need to visit the dentist for sleep apnea?

Sleep doctors frequently recommend CPAP therapy for patients suffering from sleep apnea, but many patients are CPAP intolerant. For CPAP intolerant patients, those with milder apnea, those who simple struggle with loud night snoring, and other instances, dentist crafted oral appliances may be the better solution.

Do you take my insurance?

We are happy to process and file claims from any insurance provider in order to help patients maximize their coverage and ensure necessary treatment is affordable. Feel free to contact us any time with questions about insurance or financing. Our team is happy to help.

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